Our Preschool Program


What Will My Child Learn in Preschool?

Learning for 2-4 year olds needs to include fun, hands-on experiences that will help your child discover. Instruction at Good Ground will consist of manipulating small and large objects, creating art related to a topic, being read to and exploring books, acting out scenes related to a topic, etc. For instance, when your child learns about their colors we will explore them in many ways. The color blue may be taught by finger painting a blue sky, listening to a story called Blueberries for Sal and helping to make and eat blueberry pancakes. In this way, your child will learn to enjoy the discovery of learning. This love of learning will be one of the most important factors in their success in Kindergarten and beyond.


In addition to discovering colors, your child will learn about numbers and counting, letters and their sounds, their community, careers, transportation, money, weather and seasons, and communications. One of the most critical learning tasks at this age involves developing social skills. Children who have attended preschool have the advantage of learning how to listen quietly, share and pick up toys, express themselves calmly, line up for the teacher, participate in art projects and field trips. This makes starting Kindergarten much less stressful for your child and helps them maintain a healthy attitude toward learning.


At Good Ground, your child will also have the distinct advantage of learning life's greatest lessons from the Bible. Each week, we will cover a Bible story and related activities and discussions to help your child learn what God has written in his "instruction manual for life" so that they might know and use these principles for life-long success. At Good Ground we want to help parents teach their children about what is expected of them as Christians, so that they might be the "light of the world."

Enrollment Policy

To enroll in the 3-year-old program your child must be three by December 1st, and must be potty trained. To enroll in the 4-year-old program your child must be four by December 1st, and must be potty trained.

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